Newtry develops the technology of extend carbon fiber and carbon/glass hybrid, we can adjust the tensile modulus within the range of 50-100 GPa, and achieves the best cost performance ratio, and solves the cost problem of carbon fiber composites for vehicles.
The company developed the first set of composite girder mechanical molding machine and twist strip pultrusion molding machine in China, reaches the automatic production of cutting, laying and preforming of carbon fiber fabric or prepreg, breaking through the traditional technology, and filling the domestic blank with the achievements.
Newtry committed to providing safety system for rail transit with carbon fiber composite material lightweight solutions, the company has established in-depth cooperation with CRRC group, and has successfully developed and manufactured carbon fiber composite material equipment compartment, high-speed rail cab, high-speed rail vehicle body, high-speed rail lightweight components.
Equipment is the foundation of enterprise development. Newtry established platform for composite material production, and the production equipment in the whole production process, including warp-knitting, finalizing, cutting, tooling automation and integration.
Newtry is a family business,established in 1984. After 30 years’ rapid development, it consists over 10 subsidiaries covering multiple business sections, such as High performance warp knitted fabric, new energy automotive, aviation, rail transportation, defense industry, tooling, composite design, test and evaluation center and other business sections. Dedicated to providing light-weight, low-cost, industrialized solutions based on Carbon fiber composite for transportation industry, Newtry has built the composite industrial system with whole value chain covering "material – technology- equipment – Test & Evaluation – database - standardization".
Newtry implements the driving strategy of scientific and technological innovation. now, it possesses more than 550 authorized patents, 90 invention patents, it also formulates 2 national standards, undertakes more than 10 national scientific and technological projects. The company has a post doctoral research station, and established the cooperation of Hohai University, Beihang University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other research institutes, invites experts in the field of textile machinery, composite materials in technology research and development work, formed a new talent business tier that combined with internal and external.
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